30.3.2019 Fetish Club #63

Turun Baletti: Fetish Club #63
Saturday 30th March 2019 from 8pm to 2am
Restaurant Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10, 20100 Turku
Tickets: 20 € or 10 € for members of collaborating BDSM associations and TuSeta (only cash)
R-18 / no dresscode

Our second Fetish Club of the year is held familiarly at Show Time. This time there is no theme so dressing up or down is totally up to you. There is no dresscode either, but most of our guests and staff will wear fetishistic outfits anyway, so feel free to experiment with your own costume as much or as little as you like. You’ll find a dressing area next to the cloakroom and the cloakroom fee is included in the ticket price.

You don’t have to participate in anything, just hanging around, chatting and watching others from a polite distance is fine. Our dungeon equipment is ready for use through out the night and our DJ's keep the party pumping till 1:30am!

There will also be the kinky fleamarket. Bring your excess outfits, shoes, toys etc. with your name and price marking (e.g. on a piece of masking tape) to the pool table in the lobby and collect the money and unsold items before midnight.

Party etiquette is enforced and thus photography is not allowed and gossiping about the identities or activities of the attendees afterwards is forbidden. Candles/wax and messy sessions are also to be kept out of the restaurant and for risk-play you must seek board approval in advance.

Etiquette, order and other joyful activities are watched over by our party monitors. They will help you if you encounter problematic situations such as mobile phone photography, unwanted attention or other risky behaviour. They also provide you with generic advice if needed, for example with equipment usage. They, like all of our staff, can be recognised from the Turun Baletti neon orange lanyard and a name tag.

Welcome to party with us!


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