Turun Baletti

Turun Baletti is an association, founded in 2001, which in august 2002 was registered officially as TURUN BDSM-YHDISTYS RY (“BDSM Association of Turku”). 

Our goal is to introduce the BDSM-culture and to gather together people interested in fetishes, bondage and sadomasochism. We seek to shed burdens and myths from fetishes and prove that they can be approached with reason, benevolence, and above all else legally in a community.

logo whiteWe aim for a more open and tolerant environment, where the exchange of thoughts and ideas can take place on a no-nonsense basis, where people exploring their own identity can find like people to talk to, to support. We try to lower the threshold of approaching sadomasochism in its various forms... And for all this not to become just a wry-faced support group, we organise – for example – regular public parties as well as other fun stuff, such as arranged trips to the fetish/sm parties in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Helsinki.

We're not a dating service, however.

Turun Baletti has currently around 150 members. Annual membership fee is 10€. Turun Baletti meets usually every month to deal with current issues and occasionally just to enjoy the company in a bar. Once a year we organize a big dresscode party. More casual Fetish Clubs are organized 2 - 4 times each year. Fetish Clubs have usually 100 - 150 attendants, dresscode parties usually a bit more. Membership is not required to participate.

You'll find more info on our web page about sadomasochism in general and the party etiquette, as well as the history of Turun Baletti.

The web address is http://www.turunbaletti.net/

Our infoline answers at +358 50 577 2382.

In addition Turun Baletti uses forum and email list for communication.

And remember – to join Turun Baletti only kinky enthusiasm is required!




2.11. Fetish Friday
17.11. Xmas party

7.12. Munch